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Our History

Twain Harte Tree Service has 30 years of experience caring for trees and their owners.

Twain Harte Tree Service strives to provide high-quality services to our clients and to improve resilience and safety within our wooded community. We specialize in hazardous tree removals, but are proud to be equally as skilled at preserving trees whenever we can. We utilize diversified trimming techniques designed to protect families and their homes while still keeping healthy trees in the ground. Our goal is to help create a safe and beautiful environment for our community.

Twain Harte Tree Service is among the most highly skilled and professional tree removal & trimming companies in the county. Years of experience working for the US Forest Service and fire-fighting with Cal Fire have provided us with keen insight as to just how much to clear out for fire safety along with an arborist’s eye for what is aesthetically pleasing. In addition to tree removals & trimming, we do salvage logging, stump grinding, fire breaks, tree cabling, and even the occasional cat rescue.

Twain Harte Tree Service has been family-owned and operated since its inception in 1992. We are proud to introduce the new owners, Zack and Erin Nye. In January 2022, the business was passed from father to son when Scott Nye retired. Congratulations to Scott for 30 years of working so passionately for the success of this business that he built from the ground up. 

Exceptional Experience That You Can Trust

Zack Nye the Tree Guy

Zack Nye may be the new owner of Twain Harte Tree Service but Twain Harte Tree Service is not new to him. Zack began learning about tree service from his dad when he was just old enough to coil a rope and when this arborist hit his teenage years he began to work on his dad’s tree crew every summer. After graduating high school, Zack started working for Twain Harte Tree Service full-time. He now has 12 years of experience as an arborist and six years of being a foreman, leading and planning his crew and jobs. The years Zack spent as a foreman prepared him for this natural step up to a business owner. He is excited to bring with him new skills learned from other talented arborists in the community. Zack has experience subcontracting with PG&E as a Qualified Line Clearance Arborist, which has provided him with great insight into the strict requirements around power lines. Becoming Aerial Rescue Certified in 2020, Zack maintains a mindset of safety and proficiency. Zack is passionate about contributing to our community and helps non-profit organizations, the elderly, widows, and veterans with discounted tree service. Twain Harte Tree Service also donates a portion of its profit to charity. With over a decade of tree care under his belt, Zack Nye the Tree Guy is deeply committed to the industry of tree care and looks forward to serving our community for decades to come.
Zack Nye cutting down tree